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I first recognized my extra sensory abilities as child. This led to a natural curiosity and fascination with psychology, spirituality and mysticism, as well as a deep interest in many metaphysical, psychological and spiritual paths including, but not limited to Buddhism, Bio-Energetics, Gestalt Therapy, meditation , hypnosis, past life exploration, psychic development and spirit channeling.

My interest in shamanism was ignited when I read Michael Harner's book "The Way of the Shaman." This new path eventually led to discovering works by authors such as Sandra Ingerman and Alberto Villoldo. Excited by these discoveries, I explored and subsequently graduated from the Healing the Light Body Training with The Four Winds Society. I am also an ordained minister with the Universal Brotherhood Movement.

For the past seven years I have used my skills, training and wisdom to help others find peace, greater awareness and healing.

I continue to be fascinated with the search for inner peace and increased consciousness, and am currently experimenting with Eckart Tolle's work and Byron Katie's work, in addition to shamanic work.

I am located in Miami, South Florida for most of the year and in Switzerland and England for most of the summer months.

DISCLAIMER: The information and resources presented on this site are not intended to replace the care of a qualified health professional. This work is not intended to provide specific advice for any individual person's medical or psychological concerns. The resources on this site are for educational purposes; it is recommended that each individual choose a trusted health care professional for diagnosis and treatment purposes.I encourage visitors to this site to educate themselves about treatment approaches for health care issues, so that the safest, most effective treatment approaches can be identified.

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