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Energy Healing


You say that you a’re a shaman and a healer. How are those different?

Sometimes a shaman is referred to as a medicine man or woman. All who practice shamanism are not the same. In this way a shaman is similar to our modern physicians, some may be pediatricians, heart surgeons, orthopedists, etc. A shaman may be an herbalist, an energy healer, a psychic surgeon, ceremonial leader, a seer or spiritual leader. A shaman may work with mental and emotional disorders, and/or use a combination of gifts and tools.

What is shamanism?

Shamanism has a long history and tradition. As a practitioner I am able to enter altered states of consciousness. Here, I am able to travel to other realms and interact with spirit guides and receive information that can be of assistance. The primary purpose for entering this altered state is to help you with your spiritual, psychic, emotional, and physical healing, as well as gathering knowledge that can be helpful to you in your journey.

What kinds of issues are suitable for shamanic healing?

I have journeyed on behalf of many types of issues including depression, anxiety, health problems, dysfunctional relationships, grief, career issues, childhood crises, abuse situations and post-traumatic stress disorder. Journeying enables me to gain insight into the issues needing attention, and enables me to find solutions to the problem. There isn't anything I would be unwilling to journey on, aside from something that I feel might be harmful or invasive to someone else.

To me and most shamans, the soul of each person, including children, is sacred and personal space that cannot be investigated or called upon without the consent and awareness of the person involved.

How long is each healing session?

Generally, a session is an hour long. If however, I feel that it is warranted, I will go longer.

What happens during a healing session and how does it work?

I begin a session by listening as you explain the issues you want to address. In consecutive sessions I listen as you explain what has changed since our last session and what you want to focus on during this session. Next, I ask you to select a stone from my medicine bundle. Lying down or sitting (your preference) I then check each chakra with my pendulum.

In the first session I begin by assessing which of your chakras are out of alignment and then work on the lowest chakra, clearing out blockages to re-establish proper functioning. . I continue this process until all chakras are balanced. I teach you how to check and maintain your energy body. Once the clearing working is complete, I then infuse the chakra with light and close sacred space. Subsequent sessions will usually proceed the same way.

Your physical and emotional well being is of the highest importance to me, which is why I talk you through the process. As I work, I explain what I am finding and seeing. I also ask for your feedback as well as answering any questions you may have along the way.

How many healing sessions will I need?

Each person is different and their needs are also different. How many sessions a person needs depends on how many chakras I find out of alignment in the first session, and what a person’s goals are. Most people benefit from doing a session for each chakra that is out of alignment at the first session.

Can you do a session by phone?

Absolutely! I conduct phone session for people who are not in my local eastern time zone with good results. I have clients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, as well as all over the globe. They report having received great benefits from our long-distance sessions.

If I have a session by phone, how does that work?

I can do sessions by phone or using Skype. Either way, you call me and we do the same type of session that I described in the face-to-face session.

Can a shamanic healing session be done long distance?

Yes. I have many clients all over the globe who use my healing services. Remote healing has been performed successfully by shamans for centuries. As a Shaman, all I really need in order to conduct a healing session is the intention to send healing energy and your intention to receive it.

One the services you offer is Soul Retrieval, what is that?

Many of the issues and challenges you face as an adult have their roots in a childhood experience or experiences, often a traumatic experience. Usually it is not the actual event that is traumatic, but the way in which you, as a child, perceived and stored the experience. As an adult you may experience parts of yourself as ‘disconnected’ or ‘dissociated. As a result you may feel that there are situations in which you find yourself either over or under reacting to trigger events.

Soul Retrieval is a traditional tool for locating, identifying and retrieving your lost soul part and bringing it back to integrate it into your present day consciousness.

I see that you offer Destiny Retrieval, how does that work?

Destiny Retrieval is something I recommend after we have completed the clearing work. Destiny Retrieval is not about predicting your future, but rather discovering and connecting to your possible futures by journeying to the Upper World.

How much does a session cost and do you offer discounts if I purchase more than one session?

I do offer discounts to those who purchase packages of session and those who are having financial difficulties.

DISCLAIMER: The information and resources presented on this site are not intended to replace the care of a qualified health professional. This work is not intended to provide specific advice for any individual person's medical or psychological concerns. The resources on this site are for educational purposes; it is recommended that each individual choose a trusted health care professional for diagnosis and treatment purposes.I encourage visitors to this site to educate themselves about treatment approaches for health care issues, so that the safest, most effective treatment approaches can be identified.

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