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What some of my clients are saying about the effect energy healing has had in their lives...

"Major shifts"

Rose was able to help me facilitate many changes in my life. She helped me to remove many blockages and push me in the direction for a better life. I still had to do the spiritual work but with her energy healing, I was able to stay on the right track. I experienced major shifts and I am so grateful to have a friend along side me encouraging and guiding me along the way. Rose's gentle spirit was a comfort though these major life's transformations. Thanks so much Rose!

-Frances Rhodis B.Sc., Ryt, A.P.

"More centered, balanced and happier..."

During the time that I've been meeting with Rose I've noticed a tremendous improvement in my life, particularly in my state of mind. My energy levels have increased tenfold and I am more readily able to deal with the stresses, big and small, of everyday life. Rose is always sharp and focused, and hones in precisely on the trouble areas, whether they are health, financial, emotional or spiritual issues. Through our work together, I have become a more centered, balanced and happier person. I am so very glad I didn't let embarrassment over doing something so 'new-agey' keep me from discovering such an invaluable source of support. —

-R.B., London


Rose's work has been powerful for me in uncovering unconscious blocks that have affected me on a psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Each session gives me new insights along with a sense of clearing out old junk. Somehow this combination significantly shifts my framework or perspective, so that I am able to relate with situations differently, and act differently. Even though Rose accesses information through the extra-sensory realm, the sessions with her are surprisingly "normal" and the findings are always directly relevant to whatever is going on in my life at that time. I definitely recommend her services to others. —

-Nancy Scheel, Integral Coach


She met and exceeded my expectations as a healer - she is both kind and competent. If you are worried about a "flakey, New Age" type, this is not Rose. If this review seems too glowing, it is because Rose has one of my favorite qualities in a person: honesty [...] no need to diminish or disconnect with the other paths I am exploring in my life [...] one of the most powerful healing forces in my life [...] I am extremely grateful.

-—John Strain, Florida

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